January reports continued tourism recovery

Reports from January show that international tourism is paving its way toward recovery from the past years’ poor industry performance. 


Based on records, global international tourist arrivals more than doubled (up 130 per cent) in January this year compared to 2021 – the 18 million more visitors recorded worldwide in the first month of this year equals the total increase for the whole of 2021.


Nevertheless, it was also observed that the pace of recovery in January was impacted by the emergences of the Omicron variant and the re-introduction of travel restrictions in several destinations.


There are 12 destinations that have no Covid-19 related restrictions in place and an increasing number of destinations were easing or lifting travel restrictions, as of March 24 reports.


However, the war in Ukraine poses new challenges to the global economic environment and risks hampering the return of confidence in global travel.


The ongoing turmoil adds pressure to existing economic uncertainties, coupled with many Covid-19-related travel restrictions still in place.


It is important to note that overall travel confidence could still be affected and hampered by the new global challenges.



Source: https://www.breakingtravelnews.com/news/article/unwto-january-sees-continued-tourism-recovery/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter

Author: Deb Davad

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