Immerse Yourself in the Authentic Essence of Italy with A1 Class Events and Travel

Italy is one of the most treasured countries in the world. Centuries of history, art, cuisine and architecture unfold in front of your eyes, everywhere you go. Nothing says more about Italians heart than their love for beauty and their creativity which manifest in a huge variety of creations, from fine arts or luxury sport cars manufacturing to deli food or handicraft products.


What a better way to visit Italy than IMMERSING YOURSELF IN ITS AUTHENTIC ESSENCE
with off-the path exiting experiences?


Are you interested in Archeology? What about wine making or Tuscany leather bags? Are you a fashion addict? Does Leonardo Da Vinci pique your curiosity?


A1 Class events and Travel provides you in-depth cultural tours and workshops to enhance your understanding of a theme or an Italian region, while relaxing and having fun. Whether you crave for showing to your students the Sicilian Baroque’s architecture or you always dreamt about live-paint the Tuscany rolling hills, they can customize your tour realizing your dream to live special and unique experiences.


During their tours they bring you BEHIND THE SCENES to meet local artisans, small farm owners, artists and experts of any kind that will share their knowledge and their passion with you.


Going hand-on with LOCAL PROFESSIONALS, they give you the chance to see what tourists seldom witness: you will touch the raw materials, smell the ingredients and taste the flavors that comes from Italian ground.


LOCAL FAMILIES will open their home to you to tell you the secret stories that lie behind their family HANDICRAFTS TRADITIONS. You will really understand what make handmade goods and art creations so distinctively Italians.


A single theme can be the opportunity for a multitude of extraordinary experiences. If you don’t mind to “get your hands dirty”, A1’s programs can include EXITING CLASSES in which you have the chance to explore Italian culture, learn new skills and feel like an Italian for a while!


A1’s workshops are themed around many different subjects, from leather manufacturing to hand made pasta making, surrounded by the warmth of an artisan studio, a nice garden or the kitchen of a local agritourism. No matter what they are about, their classes are always the way to have fun and take a breath during your journey.


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