Germany invests in accessible leisure and new tourism facilities

With Germany prioritizing and widely investing in accessible leisure and tourism facilities, travelers searching for barrier-free travel can now enjoy a plethora of options in the country.


As per the director of sales and marketing at the German National Tourist Office (GNTO), Yamina Sofo, that the country has made accessibility a firm priority over the past few years. In addition, the tourism sector of Germany recognised the gaps in accessibility within their cultural and touristic experiences which led them to work with policymakers, accommodation providers and site managements to develop their offerings. With this collaboration, the introduction of building ramps to historical sites, ensuring braille and audio descriptive text was available, widening corridors, created disabled parking and toilets and more were made possible. According to Sofo that these revisions have opened up a vast range of activities to visitors with restricted mobility, visual and hearing impairments, and learning difficulties. 


Germany has a wide range of adventurous offerings for travelers seeking increased levels accessibility and its ‘Tourism For All’ initiative makes it even more straight forward to find them. The country’s inclusive tourism is split into seven types of visitors: reduced mobility; wheelchair users; impaired hearing; deafness, visually impaired; blindness; and learning difficulties, the site also includes further information for guests with allergies and can be searched by type of activity they’re keen to enjoy or area they are visiting.


The Bavarian Forest National Park is just one of the options travelers can enjoy. The park is Germany’s oldest national park. Visitors can enjoy the wilderness camp, the youth forest home and well-equipped national park centres.


Germany offers a broad range of locations and activities available for all types of travelers. Check out our website for the most dynamic travel and events partners in Germany.


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Author: Deb Davad


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