Five US Cities for Pizz-Adventure

A slice of pizza is a year-round favorite treat. However, the month of May is the perfect time to eat and enjoy Pizza in these five cities of the United States. While your favorite local restaurants are likely offering deals and specials to celebrate, this annual National Pizza Party in the US serves as inspiration to travel to uncover even more great pizza.


1. Phoenix
Phoenix, otherwise known as the Valley of the Sun, is known for its heat and no wonder guests get to experience this heat especially by stepping into some of this city’s best pizzerias. Incredibly mouthwatering wood-fired pies can be found in one pizza house in the state of Arizona–the Parlor in Midtown.

2. New York City
It cannot be contested that NYC pizza is second to none. Per visitors, the New York-style pizza is iconic and worth coming back for. Visitors should keep an open mind and open eyes as they explore to see where the longest lines are. Discover the most passionate, creative and perfection-seeking dough-tossers, sauce-spreaders and cheese-sprinklers in one of the best cities in the world.

3. Detroit
The Little Caesars and Domino’s in Detroit are very much familiar among pizza lovers around the globe. However, Detroit isn’t just about these two massive chains. Get a taste of pizza treats from Buddy’s Pizza, Loui’s Pizza and Tomatoes Apizza. Buddy’s is considered the birthplace of the beloved Detroit-style pizza known for its ideal blend of crispy and chewy, and Loui’s is another master of this unique style while Tomatoes Apizza is churning out what it calls Neapolitan-via-New-Haven-style coal-fired brick oven pizza that’s been recognized by numerous well-respected publications as the best in Michigan and one of the best in the country.

4. Chicago
If it’s a diverse pizza style that you are after, Chicago is the destination for you. Visitors can find any style they want, like tavern or bar-style pizza featuring ultra-thin crust and cut into tiny squares easy for sharing and enjoying while on a tour around the town, and of course the delicious deep dish style pizza which Chicago is famous for.


5. New Haven
It’s quality over quantity in New Haven. When it comes to quality, Connecticut’s Elm City will overwhelm pizza lovers. From wood-fired artisan pies to thin-crust pizzas, New Haven has something for every diner.


Passionate pizza eaters will surely feast in these five cities in the US. Now, go get your bag and start planning for that pizz-adventure!




Author: Deb Davad

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