Exploring Unique Wines from Turkey and a contemporary wine factory with IDEE

The wines of Turkey have become increasingly popular in the last decade, but they have been made here for centuries. Especially Aegean Region of Turkey is on the up-and-up as a wineland.


A Turkish business woman purchased 40 acres of land in the Northern Aegean region of Turkey to establish Vineyards and set forth on making her dream a reality with Mr Vignon, a prominent oenologist and wine consultant for numerous Chateau Wineries in France.


These mouthwatering wines spring from breathtaking land amid Aegean Sea. Lively individuality is pumping through the veins of these lands with the cultivation and experimentation of native and international grapes.


You will visit this picturesque landscape filled with forests, mountains, amazing views on the Aegean Sea, and yes, vineyards.



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Author: Deb Davad


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