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To reach the island of Tierra del Fuego, you must travel the more than 3000 kilometers that separate you from Buenos Aires, you must also overcome a small obstacle: The Andes that cross the island preparing us to cross it, an endless universe is presented to us and when you are about to arrive at the end will run into the waters of the Beagle Channel that opens like a window to Chile proposing the challenge to feel, explore and venture into a land that has no limits.


Where the Earth ends

In Ushuaia, the views are not details that go unnoticed. The mountains that embrace the city are not only the background of a natural painting and the Beagle Channel is more than that limit that challenges us to navigate through icy waters, where the Isla de Los Lobos is the guardian of a lighthouse that plays at stealing the identity of the original but does not hide but proudly boasts of being the one at the End of the World. To sail the waters of the Beagle is to move away to get closer to the unknown and mysterious.


The Desdemona

A shipwreck shrouded in mystery and legends on the shores of Cape San Pablo, 130 kilometers from Ushuaia overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, there is a story to tell. The protagonist: a ship that ran aground on these shores in 1985 and since then its hull, wounded by the passage of time and salt, has become part of a landscape where the colors of time combined with the blue of the sky and an icy sea. A few meters from there, a solitary lighthouse watches over it and gives us a view that is even more powerful while the wind whispers.


A story to tell

It was 1904 and one of the prisons most feared by the prisoners in these lands was installed due to the weather conditions. But without thinking or planning it, a story was also born, that which is discovered while walking through the cold corridors of a prison that holds myths and legends or that which is heard on board the End of the World Train. At the same time, we embark on a ride that will take us to a time when this untamed land was the beginning of a new adventure.

The Beagle’s jewel

n Tierra del Fuego, 75 km from Ushuaia, on the coast of the Beagle and in front of Chile’s Navarino Island, we find Puerto Almanza, where every element harmoniously draws a coastal postcard, the fishermen are custodians of the King Crabs, the barges are transformed into the chest that treasures the catch of the day, the nets dance to the rhythm of the wind that suddenly becomes the soundtrack that completes a dream landscape that invites us to be protagonist and spectator of an adventure that will make us feel as if we were the protagonist of the day.


We are in the air

Flying over Ushuaia is an invitation to feel, at least for a while, one of the seagulls that flutter along the coast of this southern bay. Fasten your seat belt as we take off to the West to appreciate the Beagle Channel from a unique perspective, and enjoy the wonderful view of the city framed by the imposing Andes Mountains, the Martial Glacier, Mount Cinco Hermanos, and the emblematic Mount Olivia. A postcard in front of your eyes that will allow you to see how the city is inserted in this unique scenario.


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Author: Deb Davad


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