Explore the colorful island of Procida

Procida is the most authentic island, it has preserved a genuine, laid-back and sleepy vibe.


There are pastel-colored fishing towns, black sand beaches, and a maze of narrow twisting alleyways on this little island.


Procida is the smallest island in the Bay of Naples, and despite being a 40 minutes hydrofoil trip from Naples, it attracts far fewer foreign visitors than Capri and Ischia.


Procida | Marina Corcella

Marina Corricella is one of Italy’s most brilliant and hypnotic villages, with a patchwork of bright low cut fisherman homes in flashy purple, yellow, pink, blue, and green.


The port is packed with wooden boats and covered in fishing nets, and it is teeming with yelling fishermen ready to sell their catch of the day.


Families gather at the pier for gelato, cappuccino, and sunset aperitif, children run around the streets, while elderly relax on chairs gazing out at the blue sea.


The few shops sell chic, low-cost clothing.


A hard uphill twisting route leads to an overhanging historic castle, previously a jail, with a sweeping view of the gulf.


Procida | a mythical island

According to legend, this was the realm of the lovely mermaid Partenope, who created the city of Naples.


Partenope and her two sisters governed the gulf from a deep marine cave.


Then, one day, a ship carrying Greek hero Odysseus, coming back home from burning Troy, came to pass by, and the sirens sang their gorgeous, mesmerizing song for the sorrowful, lost warriors.


Cunning Odysseus bound himself to the ship mast and muffled his ears to escape falling victim to their magical chant, which was thought to bewitch men and cause them to drown.


Partenope, failing to lure Odysseus, is fabled to have committed suicide.


Her lovely fishy body was lulled to eternal sleep by the waves before washing up on a rock on the mainland and giving birth to Naples.


Procida | Amazing food

Procida’s cuisine is typical of this region of Italy, combining fresh fish and shellfish from its waterways with regional ingredients such as artichokes and peppers.


Totani con I carciofi (stuffed squid), paccheri totani e peperoni verdi (pasta with squid and green peppers), spaghetti ai ricci di mare (spaghetti with sea urchin), stuffed squid, coniglio alla procidana (rabbit), everything with lemon, and, of course, pizza!


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Author: Deb Davad


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