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Eurotur and DMCFinder propose you to discover Northern Patagonia with Bariloche and its surroundings, where the landscape hides and reappears behind a chain of lakes of glacial origin, with ancient forests of unique species in the world as Alerces and Arrayanes and the permanent green of the Valdivian rainforest.


And as every adventure requires a co-pilot, this will be no exception. As the landscapes delight the eye, craft beer, chocolate and smoked foods will more than satiate our appetite when such noble elements fall into the hands of some of the best chefs and everything becomes an explosion in the soul.


All aboard

In the Andean Patagonia, comfort and nature have a name and surname: Isla Victoria Lodge. A few kilometers from Bariloche, we find a small island with hundreds of corners that lead us to learn its history, walk its beaches, enjoy the aroma of its forest but above all it gives us an open window to the best view of Lake Nahuel Huapi. And as every trip is best enjoyed in company, a stay at the Huemules Reserve is the ideal companion to immerse yourself completely in the Patagonian nature.


Argentina + Chile

When the lakes of Patagonia flirt with the Andes, the landscapes that are achieved are unsurpassed. Our journey begins in Bariloche and as we cross the waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi and we go into other lakes of unique colors, the mountains trap us, until we are immersed in a green jungle whose humidity shelters us while welcoming us to Chile, a country that when combined with Argentina gives us unique places that give us hundreds of reasons to know them.


Pure foam

In Bariloche, to make the traditional Circuito Chico is to access those corners where the grandeur of the views contradicts its name and if this natural gift is enjoyed with a craft beer, we are talking about a colossal circuit in sensations. Perhaps it is because of the water, the climate or because years ago the natural habitat of one of the most sought after yeasts in history was located, which gave rise to the one used today to produce lager beer. Surely it is for all this that we can only toast to nature.


A mountain with its own sound

In Patagonia there are roads in which each curve shows us a foretaste of what we will find in the next and so on until the end of it where an Andean panorama welcomes us, but if we talk about the road that leads to Cerro Tronador, besides the view, our ears also feel that welcome when a roar like thunder, which is nothing more than the ice of its glaciers breaking, will tell us in their dialect nature, has reached its destination!


Victoria Island Lodge

If we had to look for the heart of Nahuel Huapi Lake, we would undoubtedly talk about Victoria Island, only 30 minutes away from Bariloche, but if we wanted to feel the heartbeat of this island, nothing better than a stay in its lodge where the spirit of the stone and wood of its facilities blends with nature in perfect harmony. Its unique and special location makes us feel outside the everyday world, but within a pure and living nature that calls us to explore and discover every corner that not only holds beauty but also history.


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Author: Deb Davad



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