Experience summertime in Tokyo

While it is true that summer in Tokyo may be hot and sticky, it is however the best time of the year to experience and enjoy Japan’s capital.


Festivals fill Japan’s summer calendar. Guests will enjoy traditional dance events with huge casts and fireworks displays set to music thrilling the yukata and jinbei wearing crowds below.


For those seeking for a taste of Japanese food, ever-present at Japanese festivals are food stalls, piled high with traditional festival favourites like yakisoba noodles, okonomiyaki, grilled corn and even chocolate covered bananas.


Those wanting to escape the heat of the city are spoilt for choice too. Just a short train ride from central Tokyo in most directions are shady river banks perfect for a summer picnic or bbq, some with all the facilities you need for the day. There are some beaches in Tokyo itself, but for the best sand and surf head to Chiba, Kanagawa or one of the outlying islands.


With beer gardens, rooftop bbq spots with stunning views, incredible waterparks and plenty more besides, summer in this city is a season to be really enjoyed.


Author: Deb Davad



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