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Asia, like most continents, is barely recovering from the COVID pandemic. Despite the faster roll-out of vaccines all over the continent, Asia’s event marketing industry is somehow still in a shaky and uncertain state.

To make these uncertainties a bit manageable and less intimidating, DMCFinder and Asia Bespoke features top 6 things events trends for the year 2022 (as suggested by travel bloggers):

1. Face-to-face events will return, but only the most important ones.
With eased up quarantine restrictions, face-to-face events will surely come back. However, we can expect that only the more formal and essential types of events will be prioritized.

2. Microevents are abundant.
Face-to-face events are slowly coming back; however, large events are still discouraged. Segmented events like workshops, pod meetups, and networking are expected.

3. For physical safety and virtual security, additional measures will be implemented.
Events that prioritize the safety and security of attendees both onsite and online will have a huge advantage in event marketing.

4. Virtual reality will be gradually integrated into events.
More immersive experiences will make a strong case for virtual reality or VR-based events this year.

5. More personalized virtual events will be preferred.
Attendees have to be reminded that event marketers are not bots; and that they are not just seen as another number in the event headcount. Attendees’ interests have to be captured, even in virtual events.

6. Event tech industry will consistently rise.
Compared to other industries, event tech was one of those that took off and garnered tremendous investments.


Amidst this year’s uncertainty for the events industry in Asia, it is vital that organizers are always equipped to adapt to whatever new thrill or challenge these dynamic event scenes have in store. Continuous researching is advised.

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Author: Deb Davad



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