Eurotur launches Tourbook 2022 for Argentina and South America

In January Eurotur launched their new Tourbook 2022. Eurotur would love to review the latest news and plan together the best way to customize Argentina based on your needs and your passengers’ interests.


At Eurotur they work continuously to offer not only an excellent experience during reservations and trips, to provide new and interesting programs and itineraries, but also to adapt to the times we live in, in terms of connectivity.


That is why today they want to share with you all the tools they  have at our disposal to communicate and work together better.


Why Argentina?

Argentina is one of the best travel value destination in the world.

Argentina is known for being one of the most famous wine regions in the world.

Argentina offers diversity in nature, adventure and culture where you can find glaciers, mountains, jungle, sea coast and deserts all in one country.

Argentina gives you a 21% VAT refund on accommodations.

Argentina is the house of the Tango – musical expression and sensual dance.

Argentine cuisine is universally known by the quality of its red meat (Asado).

For these reasons and much more you should visit!


Click here for more information: Eurotur – Argentina and South America

Author: Deb Davad



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