Eurotur invites you to Buenos Aires

Cosmopolitan, curious, vibrant, young, youthful, hidden, pleasant, historical, energetic, mysterious, tango, nocturnal, familiar, gastronomic, beautiful, supportive, wonderful, unpredictable, hopeful, generous, diverse, complex, brave, of contrasts, aristocratic, emotional, glamorous, mature, cultural, restless, strong, simple, optimistic, romantic, dreamy, spiritual, patient, strong, empathetic, free, sensible, funny, sensitive, friendly, porteña. This is Buenos Aires, impossible not to love it, impossible not to know it. 


Eurotur and DMCFinder invite you to get to know Buenos Aires more.


Buenos Aires Markets

To visit these markets is to embark on a gourmet journey through aisles that tell stories. Stop at the oldest market in the city, the Mercado de San Telmo, where the colors of the fruits and vegetables and the aroma of freshly ground coffee and the sound of daily market life contrast harmoniously with the comings and goings of tourists and locals who enter in search of the porteño feeling; a feeling also present in the walls and aisles of the Mercado de los Carruajes where the gastronomy of the world includes a morsel of porteño history.

Green Buenos Aires

The squares, parks and gardens of the city are always a good excuse to recover energy; but very close to Puerto Madero, behind the skyscrapers and towers, you can discover the first Natural Protected Area of the city, the Ecological Reserve Costanera Sur where either walking or cycling one can go to meet the greatest biodiversity of the city. In addition, while you are in the area, walk the Women’s Bridge, an icon of Puerto Madero, whose floor was recently replaced by plastic wood, product of the recycling of 100,000 bottles, a sample where sustainability and development merge to beautify even more our city.


From the heights

To walk around the city and look up is to encounter buildings, styles and domes that tell their own story. The terraces of Buenos Aires are an open window to the porteño architecture worthy of enjoying at any time of the day. In the morning be a privileged spectator of the rhythm that minute by minute changes our city, enjoy the magical colors of a sunset where the domes are colored by the sun or simply vibrate to the rhythm of a porteño night, as varied as intense.


A continent of flavors

Few things in the world cross oceans and continents like our gastronomy, where the different currents of immigrants have given character and identity to our table. To talk about empanadas, asado and dulce de leche is to guarantee an explosion of flavors for the most demanding palate. We want to invite you to learn what the Orient and our empanadas have in common, why our classic picadas have a Spanish accent and our emblematic alfajor has Arab DNA, but above all we want to invite you to savor Buenos Aires.


Behind the Scenes

It is enough to mention Teatro Colon to know that we are talking about one of the five best theaters in the world; where the velvet of its curtains, the wood of its seats, the marble and bronze of some of its spaces, give life to an unmissable opera house. Today we invite you to see up close the sets, costumes, wigs and special effects that gave life to his plays: Colon Fabrica, a space where art and heritage, invite you to discover the magic that once took place on its stage.


Night: the beginning of another Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, the night is not only a fragment of the day, it is the moment where the theaters and pizzerias of Buenos Aires feed more than just the soul; the tango houses display the glamour of a dance to which we gave character and rhythm; the breweries overflow in a bustle that hides laughter and chats of a shared moment or where the cafes invite to bohemia and memory. The city at night is an invitation to start fresh and know its most vibrant and intense face. Do not miss it.


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Author: Deb Davad



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