Eurotur features Hidden Hotels of Argentina II

The warmth of a fireplace, a terrace with a view, the comfort of your room can be simple requirements when undertaking the search for the perfect accommodation.


DMCFinder and Eurotur invite you to discover the home of our hosts and share a table where the menu has the perfect pairing: a chat among friends.


EstancIa Rolito: the Feuguino charm

This country house located in Tierra del Fuego preserves the spirit of those who came to these lands to tell new stories. Of sheep tradition, today it is one of the pioneers in rural tourism offering not only accommodation but also activities such as trekking, horseback riding and photographic safaris. If you pass by this place, do not forget to have a chat with Annie, theher hostess, her cooking is the ideal environment to taste the delicacies, to know and share her history.


Posada Aguape: view of nature

Waking up in the morning with the aroma of chipa (bread made of Corrientes cheese), walking through the gallery of this country house where a great distance is not enough to access the Iberian lagoon and feel how nature gradually takes possession of the day, are some of the sensations and privileges that Posada Aguape offers us with its 12 rooms, spacious environments and its excellent local cuisine. A Lodge where nature is the host.


Rio Tarde : a Patagonian house

In a corner of Deep Patagonia, precisely in Lago Posadas, we find a Patagonian style house that has the perfect conditions to make this house your home. Its 5 rooms surrounded by warmth, the kindness of its hosts and its gastronomy with a home aroma are the perfect excused to stop and enjoy this oasis in the middle of the Patagonian steppe.


Puerto Bemberg: a window to the jungle

Misiones treasures proposals that combine nature and history and without a doubt Posada Puerto Bemberg is one of them. Not far from Puerto Iguazu, this lodge surrounded by the jungle of Misiones has trails where the history of its inhabitants can be perceived and experienced at every step. Its rooms, its deck to the jungle and its galleries, guarantee the deserved rest after a day of many adventures.


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Author: Deb Davad



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