Eurotur and the Essential of Southern Patagonia

Patagonia has it attached to its name well-known places and exciting activities that surely seduce travelers to try something new and different–silent and wild places that await with warmth, the arrival of the visitor.


DMCFinder and Eurotur invites you to continue discovering them through a new program, because there is always a good excuse to visit the South.



11 Days / 10 Nights – Buenos Aires / Ushuaia / El Calafate / Puerto Natales


The Argentinean Patagonia is a magical place, with inhospitable landscapes that seem to come out of fairy tales. It is infinite, so when visiting, it gives a feeling of distance and inexplicable smallness. A single trip, dozens of sensations and hundreds of landscapes: solitary bays, natural forests, penguin communities, imposing glaciers and trails to discover. An opportunity to be in a corner of the world where silence is part of the company.


El Chalten

Less than 3 hours from El Calafate, we find El Chalten, a town surrounded by mountains where the trails that start from its small town center will take you to unique landscapes. The vegetation and some curious birds will be your company, the unevenness a challenge to overcome, we will not lie, sometimes it may not be easy, but we promise that at the end of the trail, the landscape will reward you.


When to go?

Always is a good time: There is a period when gives us postcards of many colors when the flora turns from green to red, fuchsia or golden yellow. Spring is when everything under the mountain tops is green and the sky and waters are painted blue. And summer with its eternal days and almost non-existent nights.


What to wear?

Clothes for the 4 seasons

Depending on the season, during the day the sun brings a lot of heat and forces us to take off layers of clothing, what we call dressing like an onion (in layers).


Essential: Windbreaker jacket and comfortable shoes, a recommendation that you will appreciate when hiking trails in full contact with nature.


Why choose Eurotur’s fixed departures?


In addition to its design taking care of factors such as altitude, Eurotur offers a series of benefits where details rule: guaranteed departures, small groups (maximum 16 pax), guaranteed monolingual service from 6 passengers.


Buenos Aires: early check the day of arrival (Day 1), 1 hour tango class prior to the Dinner Show. In El Calafate: Nautical Safari during Perito Moreno Glacier excursion.


Why choose Eurotur for your reservations?

In EUROTUR, they have been creating memorable trips for 67 years and counting. They are one of the leading inbound DMCs for Argentina & South America with offices in Buenos Aires, Patagonia and the Northwest.


They work passionately to design innovative tours for passengers to experience each of their destinations in a different and interesting way, as well as provide constant support throughout the trip to guarantee an unforgettable journey.


Travel with the experts! Travel with EUROTUR!


Author: Deb Davad



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