ECMeetings invites you to a tree-alanting teambuilding activity at Majjistral Park in Malta

Past the magnificent harbors and architectural monuments, the Northwest coast of Malta is home to a beautiful nature and history park with steep cliffs, picturesque beaches and tucked away coves. On clear days visitors of the park can enjoy views as far as Sicily. Surrounded by endemic species of flora and fauna, the park offers kilometers of trails and is popular for hiking, biking, horseback riding and running. Since early 2009 the park has been planting indigenous trees and shrubs in areas requiring assistance to regenerate.


As part of EC Meetings’ ongoing efforts to offer sustainable event solutions in Malta they have teamed up with the park to be able to offer all their  clients the possibility to have their flight and program emissions calculated and to offset the emissions by planting indigenous trees and shrubs. The trees are maintained by the park for 5 years, until they are mature and can survive in the Maltese climate.


Depending on preference and available time, the trees can be planted as a CSR activity by the participants or by the park rangers. The tree planting activity can be personalized to the group by adding branded tags and dedicating a specific area of the park.


For more information, watch this video.

For enquiries, check out EC Meetings.

Author: Deb Davad


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