Easter Island reopens for tourists

After around 860 days of closing borders, Easter Island is now welcoming back tourists. To mark the official return of visitors to the island, a group of more than 230 tourists have arrived on Rapa Nui. The arrival was made possible by the mutual agreement between the Government and the island’s communities and authorities to ensure a safe reopening, considering aspects such as health, administration, connectivity and supply, among others.


Nevertheless, certain measures were still enforced and adopted like strengthening the local Health SEREMI team to increase testing, traceability and isolation capacity by increasing the staff allocated to these tasks by 500%. Hanga Roa Hospital staff was expanded by 40% and a new oxygen plant was installed that will allow adequate medical care in terms of Covid-19.


Another safety measure in place is requiring tourists who want to visit the island to present a negative PCR, taken no later than 24 hours before boarding, and as for children under 6 years of age, an antigen test from a health centre will suffice. In addition, they must have their Mobility Pass (complete vaccination schedule for Chileans and vaccination standardisation for foreigners) and for those arriving directly from abroad, they must take an antigen test upon arrival to Rapa Nui.


Per Pedro Edmunds, Mayor of Rapa Nui, that the border reopening is not just necessary for the economy, but also vital for tourists and locals to have that sense of freedom to be able to leave and return from the island.



Source: Easter Island reopens to tourism

Author: Deb Davad



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