DMCFinder features 2023 venue trends



2022 brought fresh challenges and opportunities for the events industry, in which VENUES are no exception. Today, the industry trend includes fresh event concepts and meetings with meaning, innovation, and insight.


What are we expecting from event venues this year?


1. Social activism is to be considered.


The pandemic has caused people to be more socially conscious. Venues are expected to set the scene, dictate many choices related to the event, and influence the experiences of the guests probably more than any other factor.


2. Equipped for hybrid, virtual and in-person event types


Venues must be prepared to support the triple threat of hybrid, virtual and in-person event types. This means having access to the latest technology and being able to help planners create high-quality video content. It’s either venues can have all the necessary elements for a hybrid event onsite, or have a list of experienced vendors who can assist planners in bringing their vision to life.

3. Highlight health and wellness activities


As a result of the pandemic, guests and event planners alike will focus much on health and wellness activities. Venues must be able to offer local wellness attractions and amenities, and local activities. Some samples include spas, mini-farmers market, providing farm-to-table cooking classes, among others.


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Author: Deb Davad


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