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Last year marked a return for travel and tourism and the globally rising costs do not stop travelers from taking holidays and exploring the world. While the pandemic compelled many people across the globe to stay closer to home over the last few years, it also prompted pent-up demand to see the world again. 2023 definitely looks promising, with millions of travelers already planning trips.




1. Luxury travel is still a thing.

Certain surveys state that a lot of travelers are likely to spend more on their next trip to make up for lost time. Younger travelers in particular intend to splurge. So no, inflation is not forcing travelers to pinch pennies — many are actually splurging. Five star hotels, flight upgrades and bespoke experiences are all on the table!


2. Travelers are planning ahead again.

Travelers are finally comfortable with booking in advance. It can be recalled that previously, travel rules and restrictions were ever-changing, and it was somehow disappointing getting flights moved to a later date or canceled. Now, stability is relatively common again.


Nevertheless, more spontaneous leisure travelers will still remain flexible and open to opportunistic deals and packages.


3. “Hush” trips for a “work from roam”

Remote work gave people the possibility to “work from roam,” where they could virtually work from anywhere in the world. Remote work paved the way for “hush trips” to become the newest 2023 travel trend. Remote workers pack up and head somewhere new for a limited amount of time without ever telling their employer. They log in, get to work, and save some time to explore.

As “work from roam” becomes a norm, traditional properties are marketing to remote workers by offering discounts on extended stays.


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Author: Deb Davad


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