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Panama City

Cut in two by the Panama Canal, the Panamanian capital, the Panamanian capital, which bears the same name as its country, presents on one side the face of a business centre with its buildings that have earned it the nickname “Miami of the South” and on the other the decrepit buildings of its historic district. 🇵🇦


Two historic districts are not to be missed: Casco Viejo and Panama Vieja. 

Overlooking the sea, Casco Viejo, with its colourful baroque and neoclassical buildings and cobbled streets, has an air of old Havana. 

The ruins of Panama Vieja, the country’s first capital, burnt down by the pirate Henry Morgan, stand on the outskirts. 


And finally, Panama City has something for everyone! You don’t have to go far to take advantage of the undeniable natural attractions offered by the country: the Soberania Park where exotic animal and plant species such as toucans, iguanas, agoutis… 


Or for lovers of fine sandy beaches and pure relaxation, the island of Taboga, with its paradisiacal beaches, virgin forests and pelicans!


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Author: Deb Davad


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