Destination: Cambodia with Luxperia

Destination: Cambodia


Cambodia is an emerging destination on its own that will capture your heart with its graceful age old temples, humble locals and a creative soul.


Cambodia does not only offer antique temples, you will also meet the Khmer culture and its fantastic people who always bear smiles for international guests.


✅ Preferred Hotels

An amazing array of hotels to capture the individuality of each traveller, our preferred hotels range from boutique locally run hotels to uber-deluxe resorts offering a glamorous getaway.

✅ Deluxe Dishes

Let LUXPERIA introduce you to some of the best variety in local food, high end cuisine and fusion with our list of preferred restaurants catered to your taste.

✅ Festive Season for Travel

Travelling through the festive season can be a highlight; while major cities quieten down, rural areas are lively with kinfolk enjoying reunions, take a breath of fresh air as traffic slows and the festive spirit alights.

✅ Experience Rich

The heart of LUXPERIA remains in the service offered to all guests, to offer experience rich journeys through Cambodia.


Events in Cambodia? Meetings? Or just a mere incentive trip? Check out our partner in Cambodia–Luxperia!


LUXPERIA are a team of experts who understand luxury lifestyles and travel.


Luxperia is a boutique operation–a responsible-minded travel brand that is networked to link other Destination Management Companies (DMCs) across all destinations around the world.


The heart of LUXPERIA is in the service offered to all guests–to offer experience rich journeys through Cambodia.


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Author: Deb Davad

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