Corporate Event Trends 2022

Events have undergone some major changes over the last couple of years. Corporate event trends are constantly emerging to suit the needs of businesses that want to stand out from the rest, especially with the lingering effects of the pandemic still impacting businesses.


You surely don’t want to miss out on the hottest trends in the world of corporate events whether you are an event planner, the owner of an event management company, a supplier, or an event venue manager.


Here’s a few of these major events trends:


1. Immersive Technology: The mechanic of how audiences absorb and interact with technology is undeniably evolving. For corporate guests, it is vital that the use of technology exceeds their expectations. Artificial intelligence is now utilized to reduce time spent in queuing and assist event planners follow up on leads and monitor responses from attendees.


2. Hybrid Events: Hybrid events are ones which combine in person and online components together to create a mix of both for anyone around the world to attend. These types of events became hugely popular during the pandemic when large numbers of people were unable to meet in one space. Hybrid events are largely not only brought by the COVID-19 restrictions, but also due to climate change and its effects on our planet. Hybrid events are both economical and environmental.


3. Unique Venues: To encourage attendance and guarantee a lasting impression, companies are planning corporate events in fun and unique venues. Unique venues serve as an opportunity for planners to create a memorable experience for attendees, who are more likely to want to revisit your future events.

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Author: Deb Davad



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