Bavaria, Germany invites you to its diverse destinations

As the European tourism industry slowly gets back in shape, Bavaria, Germany is inviting travelers to visit its top destinations. Bavaria, Germany is one of the most scenic and popular travel destinations in the world and a bucket-list trip for many. The place offers a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage sites, towns and settings that are rich and culture and history. 


Aside from the destination’s history, travelers are invited to get a taste of the region’s mouthwatering culinary delights and experience exciting traditions like Munich’s Oktoberfest.


Some of the most popular Bavaria destinations that every traveler must try to visit include:

  1. Chiemsee-Alpenland: This is home to the world’s only replica of Versailles. Visitors can tour around the historic village of Neubeuern and look forward to day trips to explore the colorful gothic houses of Wasserburg. 
  2. Franconia: This has been dubbed by many as “Germany in miniature” as it offers visitors diverse landscapes and a wide range of flavors through cuisine, beer and wine that is unique to the region. Among the many things to enjoy include wine tours, beer festivals and museums.
  3. Nuremberg: This is Bavaria’s second-largest city and the destination highlights the Imperial Castle, a key site of the Old Holy Roman Empire and the Albrecht Durer House. 
  4. Füssen: This is one of the most romantic destinations in Bavaria where visitors will love the 360-degree panoramic views on a cable car trip to the summit of Mount Tegelberg or a seasonal boat trip on Lake Forggensee.
  5. Garmisch-Partenkirchen: This is a dream destination for nature lovers who can experience Germany’s highest mountain in Zugspitze. The highest church village in the country at Wamberg will also be spotted.


The list continues and for more destinations in Bavaria, Germany, visit




Author: Deb Davad

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