Bali, Indonesia opens for tourism with Eagle Voyages

Bali, Indonesia is now fully opened for tourism. Bali now accepts nationals of any country with a 30 days Visa on arrival(VOA) obtainable at the airport’s point of entry for RP500,000 (equivalent to 35 USD). There is no longer a need for a PCR test for those who have a body temperature under 37degrees celsius. However, travelers must have done two doses of vaccinations with a certificate as proof.


As Bali opens for travelers, Eagle Voyages offers you their welcoming package. Eagle Voyages is a government-registered tour operator/travel agent in Bali, Indonesia.


The team presents their amazing packages with welcoming special rates. With the opening of Bali, VOA and also, the team already has direct international flights to Bali included (Emirate Airline, Qatar airways,Turkey airline, KLM, among others).


Eagle Voyages is tailor-made with more than one decade and half active participation in the industry before Covid-19 struck.


They have wedding/honeymoon packages, also Groups and FITs with any number of duration holidays, with an amazing round trips program packages in Bali and combination with other islands of Indonesia. Their program packages are in French and English languages, with a provision for other international languages available on request for their guides.


For the complete offers and price list: Bali Offers 

Author: Deb Davad

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