Argentina all year round: El Calafate & El Chalten with Eurotur

Few places in Argentina embrace you with such warmth as when you stand in front of these ice giants. To admire them is not to understand how a natural phenomenon can generate so many feelings, astonishment, curiosity and desire to discover what it was that made the first settlers fall in love and make this untamed place their home.


Eurotur and DMCFinder present a perfect pairing: El Calafate & El Chalten where the desire to adventure and be the protagonist of this landscape invites you on every path to travel.


The Ice Age

To visit Los Glaciares National Park is not only to find millenary glaciers, it is to witness the footprint left by these enormous masses of ice that millions of years ago dominated the planet and that today help us to understand their vital richness for the ecosystem.

Touring the lakes of the National Park is to cross its waters where the turquoise, product of glacial sediments, leads us to admire some of its 47 glaciers that as if by magic are suspended between heaven and earth, inviting you to paradise.


White Magic

To know the Perito Moreno Glacier is to fall in love with all its factions, the north face that greets the wind and the south face that is the refuge of those who disembark on it, with the desire to conquer it. It is to be perplexed by the moaning that his body gives off to capture our attention as if every step we take on it produces this sound that far from scaring us, catches us, seduces us regardless of the fraction of time we need to take the next step and the magic is repeated again.


More than a route: Route 40

In its more than 5000 kilometers, Route 40 treasures a variety of climates and landscapes, but in the province of Santa Cruz, you will find a stretch that will surprise those who travel it, not only because of the encounter with the attractions known worldwide, but also because there are corners worthy of being called paradises. A journey through the blue and green of the lakes, the ochre of the mountains that in solitude watch over the traveler and through the steppe that was once a land of the brave.


Let’s Walk

Less than 3 hours from El Calafate, we find the mecca for those whom walking is not only a way to get there, but a philosophy of enjoyment: El Chalten, a town surrounded by mountains where the trails that start from its small town center will take you to unique landscapes. The vegetation and some curious birds will be your company, the unevenness a challenge to overcome, we will not lie, sometimes it may not be easy, but we promise that at the end of the trail, the landscape will reward you.


A Good Rest

We propose you wake up in the middle of idyllic landscapes where breakfast with a homemade flavor will transport you to what we call home, we invite you to a place where disconnection is simple with just a blink of an eye and at night the three-step menu includes star gazing, feeling the caress of the cold and resting only with nature. Staying in an estancia, a refuge or a glamping is to find in every corner the perfect balance between comfort, nature, adventure and traditions.


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Author: Deb Davad



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