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What is a DMC?


Yes, we all know it is Destination Management Company. But do you know what it is exactly?


You might have been working in the travel industry for quite some time, yet never heard of a destination management company. Being in the travel industry, it is essential to know what DMCs are and how they help clients.


Destination Management Companies (DMCs) are intermediaries between a network of local suppliers and travel agencies who further resell those services to travelers.


A DMC is more than just a travel agency. DMCs offer you everything you need to help you organize a corporate event or trip.


DMCs are enterprises that manage a range of products and services at a travel destination of demand. They make your travel experiences possible and more exciting.


DMCs cater to your travel needs–safari trip, coach tours, cruises, NAME IT!


Usually smaller and local, DMCs have been on that destination for years–making them experts in creating and exploring the fun and beauty of the specific destinations. DMCs give international partners the insight they need to create safe and exciting products.


Wanna know more about them? You are in the right platform!


DMCfinder platform is an avenue for DMCs to introduce themselves to the world clients. We connect event organizers to reliable and reputable Destination Management Companies, Venues and Tour Operators across the world.


Author: Deb Davad

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